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'little' - used as an adjective
1. limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent
a little dining room
a little house
a little group
2. (quantifier used with mass nouns) small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with 'a') at least some
little rain fell in May
gave it little thought
little hope remained
little time is left
we still have little money
a little hope remained
3. of short duration or distance
in a little while
it's a little way away
4. (of children and animals) young, immature
what a big little boy you are
5. (informal) small and of little importance
a little (or small) matter
6. (of a voice) faint
a little voice
7. lowercase
little a
8. small in a way that arouses feelings (of tenderness or its opposite depending on the context)
a nice little job
bless your little heart
my dear little mother
a sweet little deal
I'm tired of your petty little schemes
filthy little tricks
what a nasty little situation

'little' - used as a adverb
9. not much
he talked little about his family

'little' - used as a noun
10. a small amount or duration
he accepted the little they gave him

derived forms
1. Little / Plural
2. Little / Comparitive
3. Little / Superlative
See also
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