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Welcome to Bibliodata, a writer's resource on the web

The Biblodata site was designed specifically for the use of writers and authors, but these days what was once a very narrow definition and job-description includes virtually everyone who uses the internet. Like it or not, we are all writers now. We compose emails, write documents, jot down notes, creatively use shortened forms of words in instant messenger and chat rooms, and occassionally, almost accidentally, even produce poetry and coin new phrases worthy of memory.

For all the talk of search engines, algorithms, ones-and-zeros and fibre optics, the internet itself is bound together and brought to life by the words flowing over it.

Many studies commissioned over the years have proven beyond doubt that a powerful command of vocabulary greatly increases the chances of success in work and career, dealing with others and virtually every aspect of life. We hope that the thesaurus and compendium of words and synonyms will help empower you in a world where words are more important and powerful than ever.

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