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Good communications skills are fundamental to successful business dealings and the term power talking refers to using techniques that enhance and positively communicate your ideas. The language you use shapes the way other people see you and communication impacts on every aspect of your working day, positive speech is a vital component in effective personal relations.

Learning to relate to other people in an effective and positive way will improve your business skills and will help you gain the results you want. Learning to interpret other people's responses accurately will help you to understand what is really being said and there are practical solutions to almost all communication situations.

Using positive language and phrases can help you get the results you want along with using solution focused communications techniques. The power of positive speech will have an impact on those around you and will encourage people to have faith in your abilities.

There are a number of phrases we use in our day to day lives which can be exchanged for something more positive, which can help you get the results you are after. We have put together a list of these everyday phrases which can be easily substituted to produce a more positive outcome, we are sure you will find this helpful.
I will do it Rather than I'll try to do it
This can be done instead of That's impossible
I'll be glad to Rather than I'll have to
What a challenging opportunity! Rather than That's a big problem
Let's give it a chance Instead of That won't work
I choose to make the best of Instead of I can't change things
I believe rather than I would tend to think
I will get this done by... Rather than I should get this done by...
I invite you to choose Instead of You will have to
I recommend Rather than You might want to consider
Starting now I will Rather than If I only had
I belive Rather than It's only my opinion
Let's verify our agreement Instead of I think we understand each other
What questions do you have? Rather than Do you have any questions?
I worked hard and planned well Instead of I got lucky
When will you? Rather than I wonder if you could?
I feel good Rather than I'm getting too old
I learned Rather than I failed
I'm going to bounce back Instead of I'm going under
No I won't Rather than I don't really want to but I'll see
Hello, I'm... Instead of I can't remember names
What's the fairest way? Instead of Take care of this my way
That behavior is bad Instead of You're bad


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