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US English (AmE) & UK English (BrE)
While we speak the same language and both call it English, there are differences in some US and UK spellings, definitions and pronunciations. We say tomay-to, they say tomah-to, and that's just the start of it!
Spelling Differences
UK (BrE) spelling US (AmE) spelling
realise realize
emphasise emphasize
organisation organization
revitalisation revitalization
civilisation civilization
colour color
honour honor
labour labor
neighbour neighbor
harbour harbor
glamour glamor
centre center
metre meter
theatre theater
catalogue catalog
dialogue dialog
axe ax
travelled traveled
revelling reveling
tyre tire
programme program
defence defense
cheque check
judgement judgment
mould mold
omelette omelet
manoeuvre maneuver
grey gray
Two words with one meaning...
Here is a list of words that have different meanings in the UK and the US, taken from the Krysstal website (

Be sure to use the right term when writing for (or speaking to) our transatlantic cousins, otherwise you could get yourself into a whole lot of trouble.
Definition UK Word USA Word
11th June 1998 11/06/98 06/11/98
the dot at the end of a sentence full stop period
unit of paper currency note bill
mathematics maths math
the season after summer autumn fall
day when offices are closed bank holiday legal holiday
small pointed thing used to pin papers onto walls drawing pin thumb tack
mark made when something is correct or selected tick check
the name of the final letter of the alphabet zed zee
angry pissed off pissed
third piece of a male's suit that goes between the jacket and the shirt waist coat vest
what women wear over their legs tights (panty) hose
what men wear over their legs trousers pants
a type of soft shoe used in sports or for casual wear trainers,
strap to hold up a man's trousers / pants braces suspenders
item to hold up stockings suspenders garters
item of clothing worn in house at night dressing gown bathrobe
a thin cloth from Arabia muslin cheesecloth
large bag carried by females hand bag purse
container carried by females for money purse pocket book
what you put in a baby's mouth dummy pacifier
what you put around a baby's bottom nappy diaper
the area next to a street where pedestrians walk pavement sidewalk
place to cross a street on foot pedestrian crossing crosswalk
place from where goods are bought shop store
place from where medicines are bought chemist drug store
payment in a restaurant bill check
place where alcoholic drinks are bought off licence liquor store
shop / store selling metal goods and tools ironmonger hardware store
the business part of a city town centre downtown
law enforcement officer copper cop
what there was before email post mail
code used when sorting mail / post postcode zip code
telephone call where the person called pays reverse charge collect call
free telephone call paid by company free phone toll free
company on the WWW .com
four wheeled private vehicle car automobile
front of a car / automobile bonnet hood
rear compartment of a car / automobile boot trunk
metal plate with number on a vehicle number plate license plate
long piece of metal used for radio reception aerial antenna
metal tool for tightening nuts and bolts spanner wrench
glass in front of a car windscreen windshield
metal over the wheel to keep mud off mud guard
multi-lane road for cars motorway freeway
road passing over another flyover overpass
heavy goods vehicle lorry truck
Fuel for vehicles petrol gasoline
place to buy fuel petrol station gas station
area to stop off a major road lay-by pull-off
metal container in street for unwanted items skip dumpster
ticket for one journey single one way
ticket for two journeys: out and back return round trip
type of transport run on metal rails railway railroad
a beam supporting railway / railroad tracks sleeper tie
what you eat with milk, tea or coffee biscuit cookie
what you put on bread jam jelly
a gelatinous dessert jelly jell-O
crunchy thin-sliced fried potatoes crisps chips
fried stick-shaped potatoes chips french fries
a large vessel for juice or water jug pitcher
sweet things given to children to rot their teeth sweets candy
rolled up cake with jam / jelly in the middle Swiss roll jelly roll
a sugary liquid like honey treacle molasses
flavoured ice on a stick lolly popsicle
soft long green vegetable marrow squash
meat passed through a device that breaks it up into little pieces mince ground meat
cereal made from oats, sugar and milk porridge oatmeal
Swiss cereal made from oats muesli granola
fluffy sweet item for children candy floss cotton candy
arthropod with six legs insect bug
red insect / bug with black spots ladybird ladybug
dwelling in a large building flat apartment
device for obtaining water tap faucet
container for household waste rubbish bin trash can
portable battery-operated light source torch flashlight
the floor of a building that is level with the ground ground floor first floor
the floor of a building that is one level above the ground first floor second floor
device for carrying people between floors of a building lift elevator
place where films / movies can be seen cinema movie theater
a type of house connected to one other semi-detached house duplex
a self contained section of television programme show
game played on chess board draughts checkers
contest between two teams match game
game played by two teams with bats and balls cricket baseball
player who throws a ball at another player
holding a bat
bowler pitcher
bar on a pivot for children see-saw teeter-totter
simple game of O and X noughts and
tic tac toe
a collection of playing cards pack deck
a portable telephone mobile cellular, cell
a group of people waiting for their turn queue line
the dates of the Second World War 1939 - 1945 1941 - 1945
Confused words
Here are some other commonly confused words and some different words that mean the same thing. Confused yet? You should be.
American British
Jumper Pinafore Dress
Sweater Jumper
Eraser Rubber
Pants Trousers
Panties Pants
Chips Crisps
French fries Chips
Cart Trolley
Diaper Nappy
Eggplant Aubergine
Fall Autumn
Line Queue
Scallion Spring onion
Snow peas Mange tout
Trunk Boot
Vacation Holiday
Zucchini Courgette

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